Warmly Welcome

Welcome to my experiment to give you an impression of myself and my work.
I hope that I can manage this challenge, which should not be underestimated, to some extent and look forward to meeting you personally – see you soon!

About me

While creating this website I thought for a long time about how I would like to present myself, how a visitor could interpret my written texts and whether they would represent me realistically (according to my own impression). In the end, I came to the conclusion that I don’t know and can’t judge. Therefore, it is best to perceive the following lines and pages simply as an experiment and invitation to verify the impression made here at a personal meeting (e.g. a coffee together). I am looking forward to it!

If I had to describe myself, I would say:

… I am independent, autonomous, diplomatic and helpful.

… I love challenges.

… I am persistent and loyal.

… I can listen well and make open conversations possible.

I am particularly motivated when I:

… can think creatively.

… am allowed to lead and steer.

… can form and build new things.

… am allowed to solve problems and overcome challenges.

… can develop concepts and structure facts.

… am allowed to present my own results.

I cannot do this without: 

… attaching importance to individuality, independence and performance.

… demanding honesty, loyalty and fairness.

… building knowledge and prestige for myself.

Those who get to know me will also:

… find that I love word jokes more than anything else.

… notice that I only need a breakfast with coffee, croissants and a newspaper to be happy.

… find out that I can borrow my Harry Potter in ancient Greek on request.

… burn for British automobiles.

… I would like to brew more of my own beer.

Last but not least: These are the books that have made a lasting impression on me lately (updated 2020/09/15):

    • Groth, Torsten: 66 Gebote systematischen Denkens und Handelns in Management und Beratung
    • Merath, Stefan: Der Weg zum erfolgreichen Unternehmer
    • Spiegelhalter, David: The Art of Statistics – Learning from Data
    • Sher, Barbara: Ich könnte alles tun, wenn ich nur wüsste, was ich will
    • Dobelli, Rolf: Die Kunst des klaren Denkens (52 Denkfehler, die Sie besser anderen überlassen)
    • Cathcart, Thomas; Klein, Daniel: Plato and a platypus walk into a bar
    • Gladwell, Malcom: Outliers
    • Fisher, Roger; Ury, William; Patton, Bruce: Getting to yes

Professional Competencies

PhD in one sentence: 

How can I extract the most information from different traffic databases in order to generate optimal and meaningful test scenarios for the evaluation of highly automated driving functions?

PhD in more detail: “In my doctorate I am focusing on the..”: 

    • Representativeness of a test scenario catalogue for the evaluation of automated driving functions.
    • Fusion (Data Integration / Data Fusion) of different traffic / scenario databases.
    • Extrapolation of different traffic/scenario databases.

For this I use in my doctoral thesis:

    • Methods of machine learning, such as different clustering approaches, random tests and statistical matching. Mainly in the programming language “R”.
    • Relational SQL databases.

During my MBA and automotive engineering studies, I specialized in the following areas:

    • Product- and Life-Cycle-Management
    • Department restructuring / Change Management
    • Car safety
    • Car accident research
    • Risk analysis / extrapolation

In addition, I have strengthened my competencies in the following fields of activity in further training courses and various honorary offices:

    • Project Management
    • Project Controlling
    • Public Speaking
    • Knowledge transfer
    • Public relations
    • Committee work

Presentations / talks

Here is a small excerpt from my lectures and talks in recent years  (updated 2020/09/15):

09/2020: Use information you have never observed together: Data fusion as a major step towards realistic test-scenario generation | 23rd IEEE International Conference on Intelligent Transportation Systems | S

09/2020: Challenges and research approaches for the supra-regional validation of a test-scenario-catalogue for the assessment of automated driving systems | Carhs safety week 2020 | S

06/2020: App development – Programming your own app for teens | Hanns-Seidel-Foundation e.V.

03/2020: Data fusion as a means of enriching accident databases | Forum für Verkehrssicherheit München 2020

07/2019: Challenges and research approaches for the supra-regional validation of a scenario catalogue for automated driving functions (Phd-topic) | WKM-Symposium 2019

05/2019: Personality development – What are my values? | BlueEngineering Dresden (2 speakers)

03/2019: Venture Lab: We design the mobility of tomorrow! | Hanns-Seidel-Foundation e.V.

06/2018: HALO – The Halo effect  | Toastmasters Business Club Frankfurt (twice)

03/2018: Sokrates – a self introduction | Toastmasters Business Club Frankfurt

12/2017: Smartphones and Apps – Programming your own app | Hanns-Seidel-Foundation e.V.

11/2017: Internal rhetoric training | Fachschaftsrat Maschinenwesen Dresden University of Technology

10/2017: Motorcycle accidents in an international context | 75. conference of the Munich committee for road vehicles (MAS)

04/2017: I know who you are and what you want: The power of computers | Hanns-Seidel-Foundation e.V.

04/2017: Physics, maths and chemistry: What do I need that for? | Hanns-Seidel-Foundation e.V.

04/2017: Apple, Alphabet and Tesla: Tomorrow’s car manufacturer? | Hanns-Seidel-Foundation e.V.

12/2016: Renewable energies and e-mobility | Hanns-Seidel-Foundation e.V.

11/2016: Internal rhetoric training | Fachschaftsrat Maschinenwesen Dresden University of Technology

10/2016: Smartphone, tablet, iPod and movies | Hanns-Seidel-Foundation e.V.

08/2016: The future of automobiles | Hanns-Seidel-Foundation e.V.

08/2016: Connected future | Hanns-Seidel-Foundation e.V.

11/2015: Physics, maths and chemistry: What do I need that for? | Hanns-Seidel-Foundation e.V.

11/2015: Smartphone, tablet, iPod and movies | Hanns-Seidel-Foundation e.V.

10/2015: Presentation of the first semester welcome event of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering | Dresden University of Technology

07/2014: Laudation “Award for innovative teaching” on the “day of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering” | Dresden University of Technology

05/2014: Presentation of the design competition “Crazy Machine”  | Fachschaftsrat Maschinenwesen Dresden University of Technology

05/2014: Bachelor or diploma – Which degree should I choose? | University-day of the Dresden University of Technology

08/2013: Ecological sustainability – The focus on technology | Hanns-Seidel-Foundation e.V.


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On the way to autonomous driving: With accident and traffic observation data to the optimal test scenario

Road traffic is highly complex and difficult to describe. And yet it is absolutely essential that we manage to present it in a compact form in meaningful test scenarios. Only in this way can we succeed in bringing highly automated driving functions to series production readiness in the foreseeable future. The test scenarios themselves can …

On the way to autonomous driving: Traffic observation with drones and stationary cameras started in Dresden!

As part of my work at the Chair of Automobile Engineering at the TU Dresden, we have now started the first drone flights and stationary camera recordings for traffic observation. In addition to the determination of test scenarios for the validation of automated driving functions, the aim is also the validation of traffic simulations. Further …