“Fantasy and reality do not catch up.” (Manfred Hinrich, german philosopher)

Before my first day at the Chair of Automotive Engineering (LKT), I often thought about what my future activities would look like, what I could expect and how much I would like to work at the LKT.

After two weeks I can now say:

My fantasies and reality don’t match – and that’s a good thing!
Even though my ideas were already extremely positive, I am all the more pleased to have been received so warmly and to be given the opportunity from day one to immerse myself in completely new and exciting areas!
Since the beginning of October, I have been working on finally getting to know object-oriented programming (C++) and to penetrate the infinite depths of GitHub.
What I could never have imagined during my studies – to program myself one day – has now become reality.

Even though I still have a lot of respect for the new tasks and challenges as well as fight with one or the other line of code much longer than planned, I am looking forward to the next weeks.

So that fantasy and reality may never catch up ­čÖé

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