“How technologies influence our society” – CDI Alumni Convent 2019

Arrive, marvel and still feel at home: This is how it felt for me to take part last week in the annual and – this year for the first time international – Alumni Convention of Graduates of the Collège des Ingénieurs (CDI).

Arriving and being amazed was on the agenda, because the convent took place in the castle Nymphenburg in Munich and was therefore really embedded in a very beautiful scenery. Except for the weather, which was a little miserly with sunbeams, the venue was completely convincing.

One of the most beautiful locations in Munich: The Nymphenburg castle

I feel like at home, because on the one hand I still have memories from childhood days of long walks through the Nymphenburger Schlosspark. On the other hand, a large part of my MBA year was also on site, which made it feel to me as if we were all coming together again for a lecture or Master Class after a short period in the company.

The programme of this year’s Alumni Convention: The highlight was the presentation of the “German Leadership Award“.

And Master Class character the Convention actually had to offer. Top-class speakers such as Dr. Alexandra Borachardt of the Reuters Institute for the study of journalism, Julius van de Laar, former campaign strategist of Barack Obama and André Schwämmlein, founder and CEO of Flixmobility, gave each other the baton.

The convention was rounded off by the presentation of the “German Leadership Award” to Dr. Hans Langer, founder and CEO of EOS, one of the leading specialists for additive manufacturing processes. The German Leadership Award recognizes executives, companies or institutions who apply and implement leadership in an innovative and successful way in their working environment and who bring the topic to the public in a particularly value-creating way. The award ceremony was moderated by Dr. Alexandra Borchardt in an entertaining and entertaining manner.

All in all it was an extremely successful weekend and I am already looking forward to the next convention in 2020!

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