The following is an overview of the publications / public lectures at symposia and conferences in which I have participated. The publications are structured according to projects. At this point I would also like to refer to my profile at ResearchGate.

PhD: Data Fusion

Bäumler, M., Dziuba-Kaiser, L., Yin, Z., Lehmann, M., Prokop, G. (2020). Use information you have never observed together: Data fusion as a major step towards realistic test scenarios. In 23rd IEEE International Conference on Intelligent Transportation Systems.

Bäumler, M., Prokop, G. (2020). Challenges and research approaches for the supra-regional validation of a test-scenario catalogue for the assessment of automated driving systems. In Carhs Safety Week 2020.

Bäumler, M., Prokop, G. (2020). Datenfusion als Mittel zur Anreicherung von Unfalldatenbanken. In Forum für Verkehrssicherheit München, München.

Dziuba-Kaiser, L. (2020). Fusion von Unfallszenarien für die Repräsentativitätsüberprüfung eines Testszenarienkataloges zur Absicherung automatisierter Fahrfunktionen. Diploma Thesis.

SePIA: Scenario based platform for the inspection of highly automated driving functions

Lehmann, M., Bäumler, M., Prokop, G., & Hamelow, D. (2019). Use of a criticality metric for assessment of critical traffic situations as part of SePIA. In 19. Internationales Stuttgarter Symposium (pp. 1154-1167). Springer Vieweg, Wiesbaden.

Further publications

Bäumler, M. (2017). Motorradunfälle im internationalen Kontext. In 75. Fachtagung des Münchner Arbeitskreises für Straßenfahrzeuge (MAS). München

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